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OUHADDOU Brothers Ltd is a company specialized in artisan Sculptures fossilized stones located in Rissani (Morocco). Our company offers natural fossils from all sources and all floor geology and fossils of the products prepared by us in our workshop. Included in this Website fossils natural Ammonites, Orthoceras, Goniatites , stones polished or rough fossilized fossilized objects wonderful addition to Fountains, Sinks, Plates , and many decorative items. ” by leading track researchers.

Address in Rissani

street  N° 13 to  Merzouga

52450 Rissani


Morocco Fossils

During the Devonian period, the Paleozoic Era, about 380 million years ago, the Moroccan Sahara (Rissani) was a floor of a large prehistoric ocean, the first proto-Tethys Sea Mediterranean. Because of different natural factors , fish, plants and other ancient marine fossils animals were after the withdrawal of the sea. The lack of oxygen, tectonic movements and high temperature are the main natural factors. The south-east of the Moroccan Sahara is now a rich source of a very old and various fossils. ” by leading track researchers.

Geologically speaking, there are many mines and quarries, where the fossils are embedded in huge boulders, each career has its own characteristics in terms of age, raw materials, and the color of fossils.

Ammonites, and goniatites orthoceras are widespread in our fossil Sahara. On one hand, some fossils are huge and are part of large marble quarries or black or brown. For example, the black is very rich orthoceras, sediment squid, and brown is very rich so many ammonites and orthoceras. On the other hand, some other fossils are located in the mountains are very rich limestone as trilobites.

More importantly, the Sahara is very famous with its unique fossilized marble. There are two types of marble, black is very rich on the road to Merzouga, and brown, which is a few kilometers from Rissani. The vast career is entirely the wealth of ammonites and orthoceras.

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We offer original Moroccan Fossil products for sale. Our company is located in Marakech and also in Rissani , Morocco. This region is well-known for it's Fossil products. Contact us for more information if you are interested in our products. Check out categories of products we offer for sale.

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